She BELIEVED she could & guess what happened

Updated: Oct 21, 2020 are POWERFUL I tell you Powerful

The POWER you have within you can be affected

As a women so many events could affect your self esteem or in other words can make you stop believing in yourself.

Here's a couple of example of events that might affect a women self esteem :

  • Unhappy childhood where people in power like (parents,teachers) were extremely critical

  • Poor academic performance - here we look at the performance at school

  • On going stressful event - breakups, lost of a loved one, unemployment , financial struggle

Not believing in yourself may have a negative affect on your quality of life.

"Yes beautiful" it may affect your life quality. I've been there, and trust me ... I know what it's like to be in that dark spot. Not a fun spot to be in.

Every single women has the power to create, reproduce and transform.

Because I know the power that the women carries within her and, having low self-esteem will slowly kill the power she has. I see it like pouring water on a flame.

Now how can I start believing in myself

I can't let you go without giving some tips on how you could start believing in yourself.

  1. Know yourself - Start by identifying what you like and what you want out of this life

2. Accept yourself- Believing in yourself involves accepting your imperfection and forgiving your past mistakes.

3.Love yourself- Treat yourself as well as you treat your love ones. This means to love the aspects of yourself that you cannot change.

4.Believe it’s possible. Believe that you can do anything regardless of what anyone says or where you are in life.

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I'll finish up by saying, believe in your worth and care about your future and that's how you will gain the full potential of your power to make things happen.

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D&M Print Team

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