5 key tips to keep you MOTIVATED

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As an ambitious individual staying motivated to achieve your goals could be a daily struggle. Just because I Iove you i'll tell you know one of D&M PRINTS biggest goal. We want to send out 400 PRINTS to our D&M PRINTS LOVERS by the end of 2020. This goal may at times feel overwhelming. Keep reading to learn the 5 tips we use to keep us motivated

1. Set up long term and short term goals

As a company we set up long-term and short term goals. Are time frame for long-term goal is 3-10 years. Once we define our long term goal we set up short-term goals. Achieving these short-term goals helps us reach our long-term goal. We have our goals framed and placed in a place we could consult it daily.

2. Create a TO DO LIST

We have weekly TO-DO list. This tip is a big key to keeping us motivated. We typically sit down every Sunday evening after dinner and write down in a little notebook the task we need to fulfill during the week to be aligned with our monthly goals.

With a TO-DO list it's just amazing ! Let me tell you why ! Just the simple fact that everything you need to do during the week is in one sheet of paper IS AMAZING. It keeps you focus! And GOD there's no better feeling than to cross off a task from your TO-DO list.

3. Have that PERSON your PERSON

Surround yourself with like minded people. People that will bring you POSITIVE ENERGY. At D&M Prints we are two individuals working behind this brand. I'm lucky to have my business partner / best friend with me. I have the habit to tell him that '' he's the fuel to my motivation'' and he constantly thank me for always pushing him even on day he feels like giving up. Let's be for real, you need that PERSON ... your PERSON that will help you stay motivated.

If you don't have that person it's fine. We are in 2020 ! Find yourself a community that shares the same ambition as you on the internet and interact with them.


Consume content that inspires you, It could be different books,podcast or a person you follow on social media. To keep me motivated I follow tones of women empowerment Instagram accounts like @bossbabes, and @wommenontopp. I also listen to plenty of podcast like the oftenambitious podcast, The Boss babe podcast and The fighting entrepreneur.

5. Create an atmosphere of MOTIVATION in your home/office

Because we love motivational quotes, we both have D&M Prints all around our apartments. The prints litterally helps us stay motivated. Imagine waking up to a print say '' Rest,Refresh,Refocus and get back to work'' or ''She believed she could and so she did" how could you not be motivated.

I hope this blog post helps you find ways to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

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