THE PRAYER- will help you say a prayer every morning. It's an affordable and fun way to decorate your home.



Create an atmosphere of motivation in the place you call home. D&M Prints are a tasteful addition to any space whether it be your bedroom,home office or living room.



All D&M Prints are framed to help you create that atmosphere of motivation as soon as possible.



All D&M Prints are handled with care printed in true-color on carton matt paper 100gsm.



Simply buy, and hang it in your favourite place



You'll love D&M Prints because:


  •     We have great selections
  •     Our prints are packadged very well to limite damage during shipping
  •     They arrive framed and ready to put up on your wall
  •     Fits in Any Home Decor



Important Note:



    Due to the nature of different computer monitor settings, the color can appear slightly different on your computer screen.



    The frame displayed in the picture isn't included in the purchase. You will be receiving your prints in a standard black or white frame according to your choice.  D&M Prints is working hard to be able to offer more frame options to better suit your needs.


❖D&M Prints comes in eight different frame size (inch):

8"x10" | 11"x14" |12"x16" |12"x18"| 14"x18"|16"x20" | 18"x24"|24"x36"



Please make sure to choose the frame size that best suits your needs. Stay tuned, D&M Print will be releasing new frame sizes.


The prayer


Every image we print are adjusted by hand for the best possible print quality. The prints are placed over a wooden frames that are light enough to easily hang on your wall yet strong enough to sustain your artwork for years to come.